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The Power of Oranges

Posted by on November 5th, 2012

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We all know that oranges, the big, beautiful citrus fruits mostly from Florida, come packed with a seriously high amount of nutritional value. They give you about 200% of your daily Vitamin C intake and 30% of your dietary fiber.

Oranges, well their peels, also offer a powerful ally in the world of green cleaning and do it yourself product recipes. Creating an orange peel based cleanser allows you to add another safe and truly effective anti-bacterial and all natural product to your green product line.

Enjoy this simple and fast recipe for a super powerful orange cleaner you can use everywhere:

Orange peels (as many as possible)
Vinegar (distilled white works well)

Step 1: Every time you eat an orange, throw the peel into a reusable glass jar. Fill the jar as full as possible.

Step 2: Cover the peels completely with vinegar. Pack down the peels as much as possible to use less vinegar.

Step 3: Let the peels and vinegar sit for a few weeks time. When the vinegar turns an orange-amber color, it is ready for use.

Step 4: Fill a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% orange-vinegar solution. Shake before use and then use to clean virtually everything.

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