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Rug Cleaning Staten Island – Rugs are our specialty

Rug cleaning is a science

To properly clean a rug, you need to understand how cleaning solutions react with different fabrics like silk and wool. The harsh chemicals used by many rug cleaning companies often harm more than help.

Headquartered inStaten island, Guarantee Green’s organic rug cleaning services rid your carpet of set-in dirt and stubborn stains without damaging delicate strands.

Dirt dulls strands and weighs them down

Daily traffic leaves behind heavy grime that weighs down your rug’s beautiful strands. That’s why after a year or even a few months, your rug loses so much of its vibrancy.

Fortunately, our organic rug cleaning solutions penetrate to the root of your rug’s fibers to combat deep stains, embedded dirt, allergens and pet damage, too.

Plus, because we use only organic cleaning solutions, your family and pets aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals.

Frequent professional rug cleaning extends your rug’s life

When free of dirt and grime, fibers remain strong, intact and vibrant. Your rug stays looking and feeling new, which means you save money on replacing it.

Revive that ragged rug. Call Guarantee Green for a consultation.