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Posted by on September 14th, 2011

Allergists across the United States continue to predict that this summer could bring the worst allergy season in 40 years. Many doctors attribute this to the increase amount of pollen floating through the warm summer breezes and mold happily growing in our homes. Doctors say we can thank the rainfall throughout most States for all this allergen pollution. I guess April showers truly brought us May flowers.

Here are some clean living tips to keep your indoor allergies in check:

First, wash everything you sleep with and everything that touches your face in the hottest water possible every week. If you have a sanitize option on your washing machine, use it often. It’s your summer bff.

Next, remove your shoes outside of your house and immediately change your clothes after coming inside. This keeps most allergens stuck to your shoes out of your home and off of your body.

Last, have your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Professional deep-cleaning services remove not just daily dirt, dust and allergens, but also clear the threat of mold and dust mites living in hard to clean spaces.

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