Rug Cleaning New York City

Guarantee Green Rug Cleaning Process

Dusting > Hand-Washing > Rinsing > Climate-Controlled Drying > Grooming

Combat Neglect and Grime

Your rug doesn’t just deal with daily wear and tear, but it also acts as a sponge, absorbing dirt and liquids. Stains from red wine, grease and coffee can leave ugly marks behind.

Rugs are also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. And then there’s damage from pets, sunlight, and moths to deal with.

Protect Your Investment

No wonder your beautiful rug may end up looking neglected and lacking luster. What’s the best way to protect it, and retain its financial and sentimental value?

Professional rug cleaning.

Know-How and Expertise

Here at Guarantee Green, we have the know-how and expertise to bring your rug back to life. Our environmentally-friendly solutions are gentle on your rug, but tough on dirt, and they won’t compromise the health of you or your family either.

All-inclusive service

We offer a start-to-finish package, including free pick-up and return delivery which entails:

  • Examination for pre-existing damage
  • Vacuuming to loosen dirt and dust particles
  • Washing and rinsing, using green solutions
  • Drying – in a climate-controlled room
  • Grooming– combing its fringes

Our green cleaning solutions are perfect for all kinds of rugs – wool, silk, Oriental, or synthetic. Gentle and effective, colors won’t run and your rug will take on a whole new look.

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