Info & Tips

  • Raid your kitchen cupboards. There are so many products you’ll already have, which are worth using if you want to live a greener lifestyle. Lemon juice, baking soda, borax, olive oil, white vinegar…they all do a great job and they’re completely natural.
  • Clean up your air ducts. Indoor air quality is usually much worse than we think. Cleaning your ducts also reduces energy bills.
  • Clear up your clutter – throw things out, donate book, clothes and household goods you no longer need, and store certain things you do want to keep in boxes, to free up space in your living areas.
  • Start recycling. Separate your plastic, paper and metal…it doesn’t require much effort and you’ll be doing your bit for a greener planet.
  • Make a compost pile. Throw on it all your waste products and then use it as fertilizer for your plants.
  • Clean your windows with old newspapers. They’re better than paper towels and won’t leave behind streaks.
  • Empty a can of coke into the toilet bowl to clean away stains. Let it sit for five minutes then flush.
  • Buy a steam mop. They pick up lots of dirt but don’t leave behind harmful chemicals.
  • Kill germs with Eucalyptus oil. It’s a natural antiseptic. And if you’ve sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, you’ll feel the difference – fast.
  • Replace bleach with hydrogen peroxide when doing white loads of laundry. Your whites will look very bright and smell extremely fresh!