Rug Restoration

When the Color Fades

Special repairs of area rugs, like color and fading restoration, require skilled craftsmen with expertise and patience to get the job done right. When you notice color damage on your precious piece, call Guarantee Green for a comprehensive and exact rug restoration service in New York City.

An All-Natural Approach

When we perform a rug restoration we use traditional vegetable dyes to bring the original color back to life.

We gently inspect your rug to determine the exact colors needed. Then, we carefully soak the rug in natural conditioning salts before performing a complete cleaning treatment. Once the cleaning is complete, we re-dye your area rug to restore its brilliant color and overall look.

Back to a Colorful Life

After the rug dries completely, we perform one final inspection to ensure a total restoration.

Our friendly technicians return your precious rug to you—a rug so colorful you may not recognize it.

Call us to learn more about our rug restoration service.