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Alternative Wrapping Paper Ideas

Posted by on November 26th, 2012

Alternative Gift Wrap | Guarantee Green BlogMany of us have that Aunt, or friend, that carefully unwraps gifts and saves the wrapping paper for reuse. Although most of us aren’t willing to go to such great lengths, there are many great ways to wrap your gifts without the expense and waste of wrapping paper.

Each year, tons of wrapping paper is tossed into the garbage. Not only is wrapping paper a huge strain on the environment, but it’s also very expensive. Many companies have started to sell wrapping paper made from recycled materials, but those are even more expensive than regular paper, and isn’t it better to put those extra dollars to good use buying gifts?

  • The funnies, that classically colorful section of the newspaper makes great gift wrap.
  • Grocery bags make a great start to home made wrapping paper. Have your kids decorate wrapping paper for friends, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. If you’re the artistic type, you can decorate the bags yourself with stamps, or drawings.
  • Collages are a great way to personalize wrapping paper for someone special, and to get some use out of that stack of magazines. Wrap the gift in newspaper, or a shopping bag, and then grab a glue stick and get to decorating!
  • Scarves are the perfect addition to a gift, and make for wonderful wrapping paper. Wrap the scarf around the gift, and tie with ribbon, viola!

Get creative this year by using wrapping paper alternatives. You’ll save money, save the environment and you might even have fun!


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