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Beat the Dryness with a Misty Friend

Posted by on January 16th, 2012

Well, folks, it’s winter. A time to marvel at the beauty of falling snow and the quiet and still nights. But it’s not always this peaceful and pretty.

In the winter, the air naturally holds less moisture than any other season. This leads to a dry, scratchy and uncomfortable throat, skin, eyes and sinuses. Say goodbye to soft, supply skin and hello to bloody noses.

Not only do these symptoms cause discomfort, they also make you spend more time and energy with tissues, hand creams and lip balms. But, sometimes even the best skin care products don’t do the job.

So, enter the amazing humidifier. For those of you who ever wondered (or didn’t know), this modern marvel releases warm or cold jets of stream in an attempt to moisturize the air more completely. When used, day or night, the humidity of the air in your home increases and goes to work on moisturizing your suffering body.

Luckily there are heaps of humidifier options on the market. Some top products to consider are models from Air-O-Swiss, Crane, Kenmoore and Vicks.

So don’t let the dryness get you down this winter. Conquer it with a little, misty friend.

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