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Beating Out the Beet Root Stains

Posted by on January 24th, 2012

Beets add a nice smooth texture and earthy taste to salads, soups and main courses alike. When pickled, they give you a nice vinegar kick to the mouth. Which ever way you choose to eat them, you have likely noticed the beautiful yet dangerous color they bleed. I use the word bleed because of the blood-like color and runny quality of beet liquid.

This liquid seeps easily into fabrics, textiles and carpets. So if you find a beet stain in your upholstery, don’t panic, just follow these steps:

First, make your cleaning solution. Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dish detergent with two cups of water.

Second, sponge it up. Using a clean, white cloth sponge the stain with your cleaning solution.

Next, blot till you drop. Blot up all of the liquids until completely absorbed.

Last, repeat all the above steps. Continue sponging and blotting until the purple-red blood disappears completely.

Funny tip: If you just spilled some beet juice on your clothes, couches or carpets, grab a piece of white bread immediately, and try to blot up the stain. You would be surprised how much liquid a piece of bread can hold.

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