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Celebrate National Organic Harvest Month this September

Posted by on September 15th, 2011

In an effort to educate more consumers about the ever-growing organic food, farming and industry, the smart folks over at the Organic Trade Association chose September as a celebratory month called National Organic Harvest Month. This month highlights the quality work and products created by organic agriculture.

Organic farmers help lead our generation in innovative agricultural practices, cultivation and discoveries. Thanks to organic farmers, more products, outside of food items, now use and come directly from organically grown materials and ingredients. Materials like organic cotton pop up in your t-shirts and socks.

Even cleaning products feature more and more organic cleaning options. These special cleaning products use organically grown and derived ingredients to give you the purest, healthiest and safest clean possible.

We help support the organic agriculture industry by using only certified organic products throughout all our cleaning services. We invite you to celebrate the organic bounty this September by actively purchasing and using organic cleaning products in your home.

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