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Do It Yourself Holiday Decorations

Posted by on December 11th, 2011

Making your own holiday decorations is a fun family activity, and doesn’t take a lot of time or planning. All you need are a few household items, and some willing artists, and you’re house will be ready in no time.

For our first project, print off a few photos of family and friends. You can use plain paper, or the back of old papers, just make sure they are size 5×8 or 4×6. Paste the photos onto colorful construction paper, and decorate your frames with markers, glitter pens and stickers. For more decorating tools look at colorful ads in magazines and cut out colorful pictures to paste on your frames.

Use blue architect tape to tape photos all around the house without ruining the wallpaper. Be sure to put photos of any visitors in a place where it won’t be missed! Stay tuned for more awesome holiday art projects.


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