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Going Green for Halloween

Posted by on October 22nd, 2012

Green Halloween | Guarantee Green Blog

Halloween is one of the most fun and exciting holidays for kids, but it’s also a cluster of toxic face paints, unhealthy goodies and wasteful decorations. This year, celebrate Halloween all the way while keeping it healthy for your family and the environment.

Individually wrapped candies are not only bad for your teeth, but also, are loaded with sugar. Think about handing out toys or treasures for kids instead of candy. Kids love stickers, coins and other cool toys. You can also hand out organic or healthy treats as well.

Candy wrappers are easily made into fun arts and crafts projects. Many candy wrapper art projects require more candy wrappers than most people have on hand, but this is the perfect time of the year to start a project that requires a lot of wrappers.

Avoid costumes that involve face paints, as they are often highly toxic. If you need face paint, make sure you invest in non-toxic face paints, or make your own with natural ingredients.

Get a neighborhood committee together of other families that want to make this year a green Halloween, and together you can create a Green Halloween environment.

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