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Great Grains, Adding Variety to Your Diet

Posted by on August 8th, 2012

Grains | Guarantee Green BlogRice and pasta make delicious dishes, but adding other grains into your family’s diet adds variety and has great nutritional benefits. Here are a few of our favorite grains.

Barley was one of the first grains to be domesticated and cultivated by humans. It’s very similar to wheat, and is a great way to introduce new grains to finicky eaters. With twice as many fatty acids and about 40% more fiber than wheat, barley’s higher calorie content is worth the added nutritional bonus. Barley comes in many forms, and is usually served with soups or stews. Here is a delicious barley casserole recipe that the whole family will love.

Quinoa has seen a huge burst in popularity over the past few years, from an ancient grain to a staple food of the health food world. Actually a fruit and not a grain, quinoa grows best as high altitudes. Gluten free and highly nutritious, quinoa makes a great alternative for anyone with sensitivities to wheat. With nearly double the protein content as rice, quinoa is a delicious addition to lunch or dinner. Here’s a great collection of quinoa recipes for any type of meal.

Spelt flour is a very popular alternative to wheat flour, and spelt breads, pastas and desserts are easily found in health food stores. With nearly 15 – 20% more protein than regular wheat, spelt makes an amazing addition to a meal. Spelt is very easily absorbed into the body, and therefore it take only a minimum amount of digestive effort to gain the large nutritional benefits that it offers. Here’s a light and fluffy spelt salad recipe which got me hooked on spelt for life.

Adding variety to your diet doesn’t just make eating fun, but it also ensures a well rounded diet.

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