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How Often Should You Clean Carpets

Posted by on April 4th, 2013

Carpet Cleaning | Guarantee Green BlogCarpeting for your home is a big investment, and it’s vital that you take proper care of your new carpeting if you want to make your investment last. Many carpet warranties have a recommendation or requirement for how often the carpet needs to be cleaned, however this is often not enough for larger families. So the question remains, how often do you need to clean your carpets?

Every 12 – 18 Months
Adult households without pets have the least amount of foot traffic in the home, and therefore need the least frequent cleanings. Carpet warranties often require having the carpet professionally cleaned at least every two years, however many people find that this is not enough. Reasons to have your carpet cleaned more frequently are sensitivities to allergies and living in a city or high pollution area.

Every 6-12 Months
Families with children or people with high traffic areas of the home need to get their carpets professionally cleaned a bit more often. Young children spend a lot of time on the carpeting which exposes them to dust and dirt while at the same time exposing your carpet to various other stains. Having high traffic areas like playrooms and living rooms cleaned more frequently than bedrooms can help you save money while keeping the carpets in great condition.

Every 3-6 Months
Home with many pets, a large family or a home with a smoker should all try and have their carpets cleaned professionally at least twice a year. This will prevent smells, stains and dirt from getting permanently ground into the carpet. Not only will a smelly carpet decrease the value of the home, but too much dirt will also physically damage the structure of the carpet fibers, causing tears in the carpeting.

In a household where one or more person suffers from severe asthma or dust allergies, having the carpets professionally cleaned at least four times a year will drastically cut down on indoor air pollution. Regular cleanings make the air in the home much more breathable, which is nice for everyone.

Regular carpet maintenance will cut down on the amount of professional cleanings you’ll need. Vacuuming once, or multiple times a week will help cut down on dust and dirt, and always make sure to have stains treated immediately.

Knowing how often to have your carpets cleaned will increase the value of your home and increase the quality of the air you breathe.

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  • Nick Kollaja

    If the Carpet is not clean then the room looks like ugly, so its cleaning regularly is very necessary as your children play there , and if the place where they play is not hygiene and clean then it may cause problems to them.So regular Carpet Cleaning is very necessary for healthy and hygiene floor.