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How to Clean a Baby’s Bedroom

Posted by on October 5th, 2012

Clean Baby Room | Guarantee Green BlogWith a new baby in the house it’s hard to find time to keep a clean home. With plenty of germs hiding out in the nursery, it’s important to know how to clean a baby’s bedroom.
Babies are especially sensitive to harsh, chemical cleaners. When cleaning a baby’s bedroom, or cleaning anywhere in the home, using only organic cleaning products will limit any exposure to hazardous chemicals and fumes. Distilled white vinegar makes an amazing cleaning solution that kills germs as well as bleach. Just mix vinegar and water in equal parts, and you have your very own baby safe germ killer.

Many places in a baby’s bedroom are obvious hot spots for germs (can you say changing table), however other germy areas go undetected. When cleaning a baby’s bedroom make sure you wipe down door handles and light switches, which often go uncleaned despite how often we touch them.

Disinfect baby toys by running them through the dishwasher with white vinegar, or just wipe them down with vinegar and then rinse with water. Babies put everything in their mouth, so make sure you disinfect often, and with only non toxic cleaners.

Babies spent a lot of time on the carpet, so having your carpet cleaned before the baby’s arrival is key to keeping your home clean for your child. Professional carpet cleaners remove dirt from deep down in the carpet, and leave a safe play area for your baby. After having the carpets cleaned, designate the baby’s bedroom and play room as a no shoe zone to prevent dirt getting tracked in on the bottoms of shoes.

With so many things to do to prepare the home for a brand new baby it’s easy to overlook a few of the basics. These helpful tips on cleaning your baby’s bedroom will give you a head start on creating a clean environment for your little one.

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