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How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Posted by on May 29th, 2012

Swimming Pool | Guarantee Green BlogSwimming pools all over America are opening this week, and it’s time to clean them up after a long winter’s vacation. Keeping your pool properly cleaned can help you cut down on the amount of chemicals that go into the water, and it also extends the life of your filtration system.

Although automatic cleaning robots are wonderful in helping to keep your pool clean, there are lots of areas that they can’t reach. At least once a week it’s a good idea manually clean the sides of your pool with a brush. Certain areas, like corners, crevices and steps are often ignored by automatic cleaners and are breeding grounds for algae and bacteria.

It’s important to clean away debris from the pool every day. Cleaning the pool with a skimmer every morning or evening will keep debris from getting built up in your filtration system, causing it to break down.

Taking proper care of your swimming pool will not only increase your enjoyment, but it will also prevent costly repair.

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  • Adrienne Washburn

    I agree, I too find that cleaning robots aren’t as efficient
    as an actual arizona pool cleaning service.
    Areas that can’t be reached by these robots, such as corner pool tiles, can
    accumulate bacteria that can cause serious harm to a swimmer’s health. The
    bacteria wouldn’t even be there in the first place if the pool was properly