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How to Clean Coffee Stains From Mugs

Posted by on April 30th, 2012

Coffee and tea drinkers are all familiar with that gross brown ring that settles in your favorite mug. No matter how hard you scrub the insides of your mugs all look dirty and dingy. Well don’t worry, cleaning coffee stains from mugs is easier than you ever imagined.

Start with the absolute number one household cleaner – baking soda! We all know that baking soda eats up odors in your refrigerator or gym shoes, but it also wipes away stains too. Just pour a drop of baking soda into your cups and add a bit of water. Although most baking soda cleaning methods requires you to make a paste and allow it to sit for a while, this time you just use your finger to wipe around the water and baking soda and viola – no more coffee stains!

It’s so super easy to clean coffee stains from your mugs you’ll never be stuck staring at those unsightly stains ever again!

No More Dirty Cups

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