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How to Have a Potluck Party

Posted by on June 28th, 2012


Chicken Sandwich | Guarantee Green BlogIt’s so much fun to invite over all your friends and neighbors to enjoy the beautiful weather, but having a party can be a big hassle on you and your wallet. This summer embrace the potluck party and you and your friends can have endless summer parties with little added expense.


When planning a potluck, it’s important to create a food theme so that you don’t wind up with a mismatch of flavors, or an imbalance of foods. Use a public forum like an evite or facebook event page where guests can write down what they are bringing, and see what’s missing.


As the host, make sure you call each guest and confirm what they are bringing the day before. You might find out that the only person bringing a salad can’t come, and you’ll have to be prepared to make one yourself.


Make sure that you have lots of added goodies like pretzels, chips, soft drinks and fruits, since no one wants to host a party where guests are going hungry.

With a little bit of planning, you and your friends can have a whole summer of parties without going broke!

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