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Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Posted by on February 20th, 2012

During the winer time, you likely filled your medicine cabinets with cough and cold pills, antibiotics and pro-biotics, syrups and other sticky concoctions and fever relievers and reducers. By now your medicine cabinet probably looks like one jumbled mess.

With the end of winter drawing nearer, also comes the end of winter germs, sicknesses and ailments, which creates a perfect opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet.

Follow these helpful tips on how to declutter and clean up your at-home pharmacy:

  • Check all the expiration dates on all medications. Throw away all expired medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. Expired medication loose potency and pose serious threats to your health.
  • Check and pare down all duplicate medications. Add and subtract the same meds with/from each other, but make sure to avoid creating a medicine cocktail. Store the larger or more full bottles in a larger area, like a high pantry or closet shelf.
  • Dispose of all nearly empty medications. Nearly finished syrups and balms sometimes don’t offer enough medication for a full dose.
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