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The Health Benefits of Turkey

Posted by on November 20th, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey | Guarantee Green BlogThanksgiving isn’t normally associated with healthy eating, but the truth is that many of our favorite holiday foods are very healthy. While you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey this year you’ll be getting a ton of health benefits in every bite.

Turkey is actually the leanest type of meat available, and a four ounce slice of turkey breast contains only one gram of fat! Not only is turkey a lowfat meat, but it’s contains a powerful punch of protein, which is essential in building a strong and healthy body.

Turkeys that are fed large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids also contain high levels of omega-3’s. Selenium and zinc, which are very important to the health of the immune system, are also found in high concentrations in turkey meat.

The amino acid tryptophan is also found in high concentrations in turkey, although it’s not true that this causes people to feel sleepy after a hearty portion of turkey. Turkey contains the same levels of tryptophan as other meats, and that sleepy feeling we get after a Thanksgiving dinner is actually the result of eating a large meal, and most likely exaggerated by high levels of carbohydrates like mashed potatoes.

This Thanksgiving go ahead and help yourself to that extra helping of Turkey, it’s good for you!

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