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The Health Hazards of Daylight Saving Time

Posted by on March 12th, 2012

Every Spring the clocks move forward, and yet every year it’s a little surprising. A massive wave of confusion spreads over everyone as people show up to work early or late, or just a little sleep deprived. We all know that Daylight Saving Time (DST) is annoying, but is is bad for your health?

For the majority of people, it’s just a simple change in sleeping patterns that we overcome in a few days. Similar to jet lag, the effects of DST wear off quickly in healthy adults and children. However, an Australian study from 2008 shows that people so suffer from depression or certain heart problems can be negatively affected by the change in sleep patterns. The Australian study showed a higher risk for suicide and heart attacks after springing forward.

Another 2008 study done in Sweden found up to a 10% jump in heart attacks immediately following Daylight Saving Time.

For a healthy change in sleep patterns, a 15 minute adjustment in waking times for a few weeks before DST can ease a person into a new rhythm.

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