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Rug Cleaning The Bronx – Your rug needs love

Good care adds to the life of your rug

If you professionally rid your rug of dirt and stains on a regular basis, it will stay beautiful longer. That’s because daily foot traffic embeds dirt and germs that damage fibers.

Sunlight and pets can also lessen your rug’s appearance.

To restore your rug to its original beauty, you need organic rug cleaning. Luckily, we provide organic rug cleaning services right here in theBronx.

Your old rug beautiful again

Removing set-in grime frees your rug’s fibers from the dirt that weighs them down. Your rug will look vibrant and feel much softer than before.

Our organic rug cleaning solutions are tough on dirt, but gentle on fine fabrics like wool, silk and synthetic. Colors won’t run and dirt can’t hide.

They’re also safe for your whole family.

Call the rug professionals

Guarantee Green’s technicians are experts in rug cleaning. They know how to treat stains and restore dirty rugs to greatness.

Revive that ragged rug. Call Guarantee Green for a consultation.