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Rug Cleaning Brooklyn – Revive Your Rug’s Beauty

Fight Dirt and Damage

Every step across your rug embeds dirt and germs. Every spill leaves unattractive stains behind. Unless you regularly employ organic rug cleaning services, dirt, germs and bacteria will damage the fibers.

Add sunlight and pets to the mix, and your rug stands little chance of showing off its original beauty.

You’re left with a shabby rug that bears little resemblance to the one you brought home. To change that, you need to find expert rug cleaning in Brooklyn.

Care now – Enjoy later

The more frequently you professionally clean your rug of dirt and stains, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it.

Free of debris, the fibers remain strong, intact and vibrant. You’ll save money by extending the life of your rug—and appreciate how clean and new it looks.

Get the Right Professional

More importantly than getting your rug regularly cleaned is getting it cleaned right.

Many companies use harsh chemicals that can also cause damage. At Guarantee Green, our organic rug cleaning solutions are only harsh on dirt. They are safe for your family and your pets.

Our chemicals also work with all kinds of materials including wool, silk and synthetic. Colors won’t run and dirt can’t hide.

Revive that ragged rug. Call Guarantee Green for a consultation.