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Upholstery Cleaning Brooklyn – Love the furniture you got

Your old couch new again

Furnishing a home takes time and effort, not to mention the expense. When couches and chairs get dull with grime and stains, many people will go out and replace them.

Instead, keep your furniture and save your money with organic upholstery cleaning in the Brooklyn area. We can make tired pieces look new again.

Invest in your furniture with professional cleaning

Regular organic upholstery cleaning combats daily wear and extends the life of your furniture.

If you have kids and pets, professional cleaning becomes even more of a necessity to remove deep stains and odors.

At Guarantee Green, we use organic upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe for your family. We’ll restore dirty upholstery to new vibrancy without fading colors or introducing harmful chemicals into your home.

Quick and clean

Our advanced equipment removes soils and grime without leaving your sofas and armchairs soggy. They’ll be dry within hours, smelling fresh and looking like the day you bought them.

Get expert upholstery cleaning at an affordable price. Call 800.375.6649 for a free no-obligation quote.