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Carpet Cleaning Manhattan – Stain-free carpets are possible

Rid yourself of carpet stains

Based in Manhattan, our carpet cleaning relies on trusted organic solutions to remove built-up grime and set-in stains from your carpet. They are completely safe for your family and pets.

Other carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals that may eat away dirt and stains, but will also damage your carpet strands. Our organic carpet cleaning solutions won’t hurt delicate fibers.

We clean while providing the utmost care to your carpet and home.

You have to dig deep

Our deep, dry, shampoo and steam-cleaning methods penetrate to remove allergens, bacteria and odors from spots and stains that have settled deep into your carpet.

Surface cleans won’t remove them and stains will soon reappear.

We’ll use our advanced equipment to eliminate all germs and odors, and leave your carpet looking and smelling good as new.

We know carpets

Our certified technicians know how to remove all sorts of tough stains. They understand the importance of caring for your carpet like it was their own. And they have extensive experience organically reviving carpets to brand new conditions.

For planet-friendly carpet care, call Guarantee Green today.