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Rug Cleaning Queens – Get the ragged out of your rug

When fighting dirt, call in the experts

Guarantee Green’s organic rug cleaning solutions leave your rug smelling fresh and looking beautiful.

Based in Queens, we are a local rug cleaning company, but we take a global approach to rug cleaning. We use only organic rug cleaning solutions that fight dirt with earth-friendly methods.

Unlike other rug cleaning companies, our supplies are safe for your family and pets.

Clean rugs last longer.

It’s a simple fact: professional rug cleaning can lengthen the life of your rug.

That’s because embedded grime, germs and stains left by daily use can damage strands over time.

Fortunately, our rug cleaning services remove allergens and restore pet damage without harming fine fibers. You’ll be surprised how strong, intact and vibrant fine fibers remain when they are freed of grime.

Easy and efficient rug cleaning

Guarantee Green’s expert rug cleaning technicians will revive your rug in no time. They’ll work around your schedule to minimize hassle and maximize cleaning.

Revive that ragged rug. Call Guarantee Green for a consultation.