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Upholstery Cleaning Queens – Your Sofa New Again

Restore beauty with organic upholstery cleaning

Sofas, couches and chairs can suffer greatly from daily wear and tear. In these tough times, replacing them may not be an option. But affordable professional upholstery cleaning is.

Based in Queens, our organic upholstery cleaning services specialize in restoring your furniture to new-like conditions. We’ll save you the expense of refurnishing your home.

When you save furniture, you save money

Regular cleaning can add life to favorite pieces. Most people don’t realize that grime and stains can actually damage fabrics as well as diminish their attractiveness.

We’ll use our organic upholstery cleaning solutions to remove stains and dirt without harming fine materials like silk and wool. They’ll restore dirty upholstery to a new vibrancy without harming your family or pets.

Trying to clean furniture yourself can cause more damage and further set in stains. You should always consult experts. Professional upholstery cleaning is more affordable than you think.

Dry and Clean in no time

Our organic upholstery cleaning solutions quickly remove soil and grime and our advanced equipment dries furniture within hours.

We’ll brighten your furniture without leaving it soggy.

Get organic upholstery cleaning at an affordable price. Call 800.375.6649 for a free no-obligation quote.