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Carpet Cleaning Staten Island – Fight carpet grime

Carpets need more care than you think

Vacuuming a few times a month lifts surface dust. While this is important to the health of your carpet, equally critical is getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

Guarantee Green’s certified technicians use organic carpet cleaning solutions that penetrate deep to remove set-in dirt.

Also, because our carpet cleaning services are based in Staten Island, we’re readily available to help with spills and stains.

 Why set- in stains and dirt are bad for your carpet

Deep dirt and stubborn stains can damage your carpet strands over time. Fine fabrics can start to deteriorate.

Our deep, dry, shampoo and steam-cleaning methods penetrate deeply to remove allergens, bacteria and odors.

Your carpets last longer and feel cleaner.

Organic cleaning is important, too.

A lot of carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals to remove dirt. These can damage your carpet and harm your family and pets.

Guarantee Green’s organic carpet cleaning solutions are perfectly safe for you and the planet. Revive your carpets with thorough peace of mind.

For planet-friendly carpet care, call Guarantee Green today.