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Rug Cleaning Suffolk – You’ll rave about our rug cleaning

We take rug cleaning very seriously

At Guarantee Green, we pride ourselves on being expert rug cleaners. We understand how cleaning solutions react with different fabrics like silk and wool. And we refuse to use harsh chemicals that may not be safe for your home and pets.

Instead, we insist on using organic rug cleaning solutions that rid your carpet of set-in dirt and stubborn stains without damaging delicate strands.

Also, our rug cleaning operation is locally based in Suffolk, so we’re familiar with the particular ways coastal living can affect your rug.

Don’t let dirt dull your rug

The stubborn grime left behind daily by regular foot traffic can weigh down your rug’s beautiful strands.

Throw kids and pets into the mix and your rug really takes a beating.

Fortunately, our organic rug cleaning solutions penetrate to the root of your rug’s fibers to combat deep stains, embedded dirt, allergens and pet damage, too.

Organic solutions are everything friendly

Because we use only organic cleaning solutions, your family and pets aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals.

And your rug’s delicate strands aren’t harmed by harsh chemicals. Everybody wins.

Revive that ragged rug. Call Guarantee Green for a consultation.