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Upholstery Cleaning Westchester – Be kind to your furniture

With proper cleaning, furniture lasts for generations

Those pieces you’ve inherited. The new ones you’d like to bestow someday. They all need regular professional upholstery cleaning to maintain their value.

Even if you don’t intend on keeping your furniture very long, organic upholstery cleaning can maintain its vibrancy for as long as you wish to own it.

That’s because organic upholstery cleaning combats daily wear and tear to extend the life of your furniture. And we offer organic upholstery cleaning right here in Westchester.

Do your homework on upholstery cleaning

You want to hire a company that understands how to treat various fabrics. At Guarantee Green, our expert technicians know clean wool, silk, synthetics and other materials.

Colors won’t run and fibers won’t be damaged.

We also only use organic upholstery cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and won’t introduce harsh chemicals into your home.

We clean quickly because your life is busy

Within hours, your furniture will be clean and dry. Our advanced equipment efficiently removes soil and grime from sofas and armchairs without leaving them soggy.

Organic upholstery cleaning is more affordable than buying new furniture. Save your favorite pieces and your money, too.

Get organic upholstery cleaning at an affordable price. Call 800.375.6649 for a free no-obligation quote.